#Aleatoriedades: To him

I have loved him for almost ninety days. It arrived too quiet, but it made a huge noise in my head. Stable, trustworthy, no roller coaster of emotions, just made me so calm. I should have holded him with all my might, but in the end, I’ve decided to let him leave with no doubts.

He was a mix of storm and a warm sun, made me be a slave to all my desires so that I could make them real, it made me feel like I could win the world just with a smile. And I, I gave him everything. I gave him everything I couldn’t have been with anyone else. I felt totally safe and comfortable, a place I had never been introduced to.

I have loved him for almost ninety days and I understand that you don’t need much time when you already have everything you need right in front your eyes. Love is something that can’t take long to recognize, in fact, it’s not something difficult to recognize, it doesn’t have to be something dramatic until you go crazy. It’s something quiet, that makes you to be exactly where you’d like to. And now I know that I was where I wanted to be all this time.

He’s a total mix of storm with a warm sun, something that will lead you to a mind confusion with just a kiss, an incredible guy that I should hold for all my life but right now i need to see him go. Like those that you look at from afar and already imagines yourself hand in hand, the one that I saw myself totally grabbed with. The only one I admired from the beginning, that understand me and admires me in a perfect way too. The guy who’s going away and who’s going to make a huge miss on my normal days

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